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Sidebrain – A programmers' memory aide

Sidebrain is a programmer's memory aid, looking after a stack of tasks and subtasks, and a queue or pool of tasks that are not on the stack. It also keeps a collection of notes that you have made, associated with the tasks.

Sidebrain can read (and update) “to do” comments in source files.

Having the computer look after this part of your cognitive load may give your real brain more space to get on with doing the real thinking. It can also help you to organise your work more effectively, and to stay focused.

If you keep your sidebrain information up-to-date, you may well find it easier to resume your work at the start of each day; in turn, this may make it easier for you to put your work down and reduce the drive to remain at your computer when it would be better to get on with something else.

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Basic Operations

Beginning and ending tasks

Working with projects

Selecting projects and groups

Installation and configuration

Configuring sidebrain

Controlling task and project handling

Controlling the display

Customizing the task browser

Customizing the save

Working with comments

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