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6.2.4 Customizing the save

You can change where sidebrain stores its data, by setting the variable sidebrain-file-name.

You may want filenames to be usable on several machines (if, for example, you keep your work on a fileserver or on removable media, which may have different mount points on different hosts). To help with this, you can set the hooks sidebrain-filename-save-hooks and sidebrain-filename-load-hooks which should hold functions which take a filename and, if they want to modify it, return the modified version, otherwise return nil.

You can write code to put environment variables into the names on saving, and use substitute-in-file-name to substitute the appropriate values on the new host.

If you want to send sidebrain task lists by email, you may also want to use these hooks to make the names relative to a project directory. Logo